Being a small part of Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics

I think I have been a Social Informatics kind of person since I first started studying Information Science at University of Bergen back in the middle 80-ies.

My thesis at the second degree level was focusing on biometric security systems and personal privacy, and since then I have been lecturing in topics such as ICT and Management, ICT and Ethics, Gaming Culture, and Social Media and Law.
From a background as former Head of, as well as creator of, the administrative ICT-department of Nesna University College in the period from 1993 to 1999, I took with me an intense curiosity of the various ways people reacts to and interacts with ICT. When I came back to NUC in 2001, it was therefore natural that I took care for the Social Informatics course. From 2001 to approx. 2003, Social Informatics was both a 1th year course and a 3de year course, and I was responsible for the 3de year. From 2004, Social Informatics was only a 1th year course, and I took over responsibilities for this course.

My work in Social Informatics was heavily inspired by the work of Tom Jewet and Rob Kling, and their excellent web resource “Teaching Social Issues of Computing”. I was also inspired by the work of Professor Chuck Huff.
It was therefore quite a pleasant surprise when my blog “Social Informatics International Blog” got listed under “Student Opportunities” at the Rob Kling Center For Social Informatics (RKCSI), Indiana University, Bloomington web page, with the text: “Opportunities for student involvement include: ….. Participating in Per Arne Godejord’s Social Informatics Blog”. And I also got my Social Informatics Resources Wiki listed on their page for “Wikis“, from ca. 2008 up until 2012, with the title “Nesna University College”.

Unfortunately not many of the RKCSI students involved themselves in neither my blog nor my wiki, but it is nice to once upon a time to have been a small part of RKCSI’s web page anyway.


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