Tools of the Trade

In the online course of ICT and Learning the practical use of digital tools by the students are central, but in my various writings on the matter I have not gone into much description of this particular matter. Therefore, to rectify this, here is a list of tools my students in ICT and Learning have been using as part of solving their various obligatory tasks:

Tools within the LMS Moodle:

  • Wiki
  • Forum
  • Embedding of videos
  • Links, folders and information fields
  • Quiz
  • Gallup

These selected tools were part of the task of creating learning space within a LMS, focusing on chosen learning aims and outcomes connected to primary, secondary and upper secondary school curriculum.

Tools outside any LMS:

  • Blog
  • Dvolver Moviemaker

The students created learning resources focusing on a topic and an audience of their own choosing using these tools.  (For instance, English for primary school or ICT for pensioners.)

If I am to continuing with courses for ICT and Learning, I will select tools connected with smart phones and tablets, like QR codes and augmented reality tools, to get the students used to practical and pedagogical use of what is rapidly becoming important tools in Norwegian schools.

As for students from other courses, like the bachelor courses Game culture and collaboration technologies and Gaming Culture, I gave them tasks where they had to use Twitter, and SoundCloud in a professional way.


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