Cartoons and movies as “trigger-tools” for the visual online learner

I’ve always liked cartoons, both the movie version and the ones in newspapers or cartoon magazines. So recently I was looking for some free online tools that I could use both for making cartoons linked to the topic of ICT security and that could be used by my teacher students in their teacher profession.

I ended up with Dvolver Moviemaker and Both tools are easy to use and with a bit of imagination I think they give possibilities for triggering reflections in online students.


An example of Dvolver Moviemaker. Trigger on the topic of ICT Security (The problem with too simple passwords,ICT and Learning, ITL111, HiNE)


An example of toondoo. Trigger on the topic of ICT Security (The problem with leaving the office unattended without logging of your computer, ICT and Learning, ITL111, HiNE)

Making your own cartoons in the traditional way is of course also an option….


From my book “128 pages about computer security and the mystery of the missing files” (TAPIR, 2002)

My use of cartoons are rooted in the idea of transmissive approach, being integrated into a  lecture blog post as one of the various  triggers used to broadcast a lecture to the students. And the aim with this particular tool is to present information so as to reach the visual learner and trigger reflections, and hopefully thereby create awareness.


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