What Will Happen to MOOCs in Norway?

To make predictions about the future is risky, but I just came across David Blake’s “What Will Happen to MOOCs and Online Education?” and since he asks “What do you think the future of MOOCs will hold?” I started thinking; what do I think about the future of MOOC?

I do not know enough about the USA or the rest of world to make any large scale predictions, but in Norway I think we will see the following:

  • The belief that MOOC will somehow dispute current research into who are actually succeeding in managing online education will die. MOOC will not be a tool for “mass education”.
  • MOOC platforms will not remove ItsLearning, Fronter and Moodle as learning management systems. After all; Canvas and other systems like it are themselves just variations on the LMS idea.
  • MOOC will in the end be just plain old online education; i.e. a way of distributing education via Internet. Either as “OpenCourseWare” or as ordinary online courses where students apply for admission and register themselves in the usual way for higher education, or as “blended learning”.
  • MOOC will give a renewed focus on e-learning didactics and how we may utilise various Web 2.0 tools to engage students in learning.
  • MOOC will give more focus on how online education could be international, giving Norwegian students who for some reason or the other can not travel abroad, a chance to be part of an international e-learning group. Both Nesna University College and Nord-Trondelag University College have been doing such international online courses for years.
  • MOOC will give some focus on the possibilities of peer reviewing of online educational resources, something like the Intute initiative where web resources for education and research was evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists. This could be made into a system where making a good online educational resource may give a lecturer points just like getting a paper accepted for a level 1 or level 2 publication. Unfortunately I think this will be to abstract a thought for the universities and therefore also for our Ministry of Education and Research to ever be implemented.
  • MOOC will give more focus on “open resources”, i.e. encouraging lecturers to use for instance blogs as tool for distributing courses. MOOC is after all mostly closed inside an LMS. If you do not enrol, the resources are not openly available.

What do you think?


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