Flipping the classroom

When I started working with putting my lectures into the cloud, and focusing on discussing specific topics or working on practical things with my college students when we met at campus, I flipped my classroom. But I did not know it then back in 2003 when I first started to organize my lectures online – all text with some pictures and links to further readings and using good old HTML – that I was in fact following the idea of flipping the classroom.

I slowly developed my various web pages, collected under the title “Social Informatics – More than just Marx“(2007), until I decided to move everything into a more dynamic system – a “Social Informatics Resources Wiki” (2008).

In order to ensure that the Wiki would be a good academic resource for my students in Social Informatics, it was put forward for evaluation and peer review to Intute in 2009. Intute was launched in 2006 as a best of the Web service and was created to enable lecturers, researchers and students to discover and access quality Internet resources. Each resource was evaluated and categorised by subject specialists based at UK universities. My wiki created for Social Informatics at Nesna University College were evaluated by subject specialists from University of Bristol in partnership with the University of Birmingham, UK, and accepted for listing on the Intute web page on resources for education and research in Social Sciences – subject: Social Informatics (Intute, 2009).

Another path taken in the constant developing of my old web pages mentioned above, was the transfer of the text to an online book; – “Lecture notes in social informatics“.

Since then I have focused on using blogs, and my latest addition to flipping a classroom is SPO300 – Game culture and collaboration technologies, at Nord-Trondelag University College.


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