A list of lecturing blogs and wikis and whatnots…

Here is what at this date constitutes my set of lecture resources in the cloud:

My blogs:

My Wiki, My MOOC and My YouTube channel

I am of course also using services like Scribd and SlideShare, who together with YouTube and Camtasia Relay often are integrated in my blog lectures.

In connection with my old course in Social Informatics for computer science students, and later my involvement in ICT in society and work life for Teacher Education Students, four blogs and one wiki where established. One of the blogs for Teacher Education Students was made in English and the wiki both in English and Norwegian. This was partly done in order to get the Teacher Education Students used to the fact that English is the lingua franca of Computer Science, and partly to be able to use the material in my own international work.

The other blog connected to ICT and Learning was in Norwegian only. Two blogs were also established for the use of Social Informatics for Computer Science students, – one in Norwegian and one in English. The latter was established in order to connect the Computer Science students at Nesna University College with their colleagues at the Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics (RKCSI), Indiana University – Bloomington, where it was listed under “Student Opportunities” as “Participating in Per Arne Godejord’s Social Informatics Blog” from ca. 2008 up until 2012. Text: “Opportunities for student involvement include: ….. Participating in Per Arne Godejord’s Social Informatics Blog”. (The text is still placed on the RKCSI web page, but the link now redirects to their own Social Informatics Blog.)

My three blogs related to Social Informatics: Samfunnsinformatikk/ Social Informatics, Kids Digital World, and Social Informatics International Blog, were all linked to from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Centre of Informatics and Methodology´s online collection of Social Informatics resources worldwide. My blogs are the only blogs listed from Norway, in the overview of Social Informatics in Norway.
Only one wiki was constructed, but even if its main focus was on Social Informatics it encompassed the relevant topics also for ICT in Society and Work Life.


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