A begining

I have been working with using blog’s as “classrooms in the cloud” since 2006. This blog is a sort of “diary” where I will record my thoughts and ponderings; past, tense and future.

So who am I? Well, I am a senior lecturer working with e-learning, heavily influenced by Howard Rheingold’s The Virtual Community, and using wiki and blogs as main lecturing tools.  All my lecturing blogs are  more or less rooted in Kolbs symbolic and perceptual learning ideas . But the main principle was, and is, MASVIS (in Norwegian MAKVIS). A set of principles focusing on Motivation, Activation, Specification, Variation and Individualization. Lately I have been investigating how looping the blog content may (or may not) enhance retention in students.

Usually my lecture blogs are focused on online reading and lectures made in the classical ex cathedra style, even if they are shorter than ordinary real life lectures.  The lectures are constructed either as blog posts, video lectures, podcasts or slide shares, and usually either focuses on theories and broader concepts or my interpretation of the various topics.
Often these various forms of lecture tools will be integrated in one and the same topical blog post so as to form one coherent lecture, with various ways of discussing a given topic. The blog posts points to further readings, and there are possibilities for the students to comment on the individual post.

In the environment created by these Web 2.0 tools it is me as a lecturer who are the expert and task master. It is first when the students are given specific tasks to solve, that I chance my  posture into that of a coach and will give personalized feedback to the individual student.


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